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High Leverage Declaration

“High-leverage people…

I define them as people who act on their big ideas. They are capable of articulating a theory of how the world works today and how it should change, and then proceed to actually change the world, or at least attempt to.

They are the people that can describe big changes that impact major swaths of humanity (we will privatize space flight! we will sequence the human genome! we will find safe alternative to oil! etc), and then actually proceed to replace “we” with “I” through their actions, be it entrepreneurship or investing or volunteering.

Lecturing the world about how it will become a better place is the domain of big thinkers: brilliant, influential, but ultimately theoretical. Those that bring the big ideas into hard, unpredictable reality are the practitioners, the high-leverage ones, and I admire them almost without reservation.

One key ingredient of being this kind of a person is an almost irrational lack of fear of failure and irrational optimism, but there is a more tactical side there too: they manage to not get caught up in all the little details… while being remarkably aware of the really important ones.”

– Max Levchin


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My World —

My parents will tell you that from the moment I could talk I’ve had a vision of how the world should work, and take it personally when my vision for the world doesn’t line up with reality. Right now I’ve chosen to take the culture of sports personally. It’s broken. My team and I plan to fix it. #TapIn… The Omni Athlete