Premise Why are we here?

It is a period of civil wars in our brain. A brave alliance of underground freedom fighters has challenged the tyranny and oppression of the awesome EGO of the fixed mindset.

Striking from a fortress hidden among the billion neurons of the mind, rebel thoughts have won their first victory in a battle with the powerful Fixed Mindset. The EGO fears that another defeat could bring a thousand more impossible dreams into reality, and control over humanity’s mind would be lost forever.

To crush the rebellious thoughts once and for all, the EGO is constructing a sinister new battle weapon. Powerful enough to destroy an entire thought with one feeling, its completion spells certain doom for the champions of imagination and growth.

Chapter 1 We stand at a precipice

Humanity stands at the edge of the greatest turning point we have ever seen. For the first time in history our imaginations no longer exceed our ability to create.

We are less than 30 years away from the thoughts in our heads being connected to 3-D printers capable of making whatever our imagination has the audacity to conceive real.

We are rapidly approaching the singularity so many futurists and technologists have eagerly waited for – when artificial and human intelligence merge.

And, maybe even greater still… we are just years away from truly becoming a galactic species capable of life beyond Earth.

There has never been a more exciting, audacious and inspiring time to believe in the power of life than right this moment. Our world has flattened, education in monetization is becoming ubiquitous and access to the tools everyone needs to engineer a life of congruence are always just a Google search away.

Have a laptop, a cup of coffee and wifi? You can carve out your own empire in this world and if you have the grit required to endure the trials, tribulations and obstacles you’ll face along the way…

You can truly have anything and EVERYTHING you want.

Despite these incredible realities, our tribe is becoming increasingly scared, anxious, depressed and devoid of the fire that caused us to move mountains in millennia past.

We seem to be creeping closer and closer to an uncomfortable reality becoming universally known and universally misunderstood:

We are creating our own reality with every thought, feeling and action we take.

We are losing the ability to plausibly deflect blame on something beyond our control and are waking up to the knowledge across the globe that our circumstances are merely a product of our mental models.

This reality is drifting its way through our civilization.

It’s starting at the top as movements like this often do. The leaders, first-adopters and activists of the mind are coming to terms with their own power, but not everyone is ready for this responsibility.

More worrisome still is the knowledge that as we age we begin to lose the natural, intrinsic models of life that allow us to hold these impossibly large thoughts in the same head space that our basic thoughts of survival rest.

Another word for these models is imagination.

As we age we tend to construct a world that demands we fight back the fantasies, imagination and creative fire that brought us into this world in order to merely survive.

Gone are the days when it was an honor to find yourself so wrapped inside a fictional world that the people around you wouldn’t dare try and pull you out.

Those were the days.

Reading a story as simple as Clifford could spark a world inside your head where anything was possible with that big red dog.

Harry Potter all but transported you into the world of witchcraft and wizardry you had always hopped was real but never gave yourself permission to breathe into.

As our imagination has faded away, so too has our fire for the grand ambitions of life we once fought so furiously to maintain.

But never before could that fire be rekindled as it can today. The internet and social media have tipped the scales back in our favor, enabling storytellers everywhere to captivate and imaginate like never before.

With the stroke of a key and the press of a button – our stories can touch the lives of millions with the hope of once again inspiring them to breathe fire into their imagination and take control of their reality.

But not every story we tell is conceived from a place of growth, empowerment and ignition. Some stories we consume perpetuate our fixed mindset and don’t challenge us to see the world we live in for what it is.

That’s what Funnel Boom is here to do.

Imagine a media studio built from the ground up with the mission of creating the stories that precipitate the growth in someones mindset…

Where every story, film, show, cartoon and book is crafted to feed your inner child so furiously that the growth mindset you’ve been searching for finally explodes in a way you can’t contain.

We know where we are and we know where we’re going.

This is merely Chapter 1 in what we’ll be a very long, long journey.

Chapter 2 Imagination is Your Birthright

You came into this world bright-eyed, curious, inquisitive and capable of believing the most impossible realities.

What happened?

Life pushed back at you. More specifically – a society of people indoctrinated with the belief that imagination is for kids told you to grow up and get a job.

You stopped being rewarded for creating incredible stories in your head, escaping to far off places in your mind and infusing the people you met with your fire for life. In doing so – the fire inside of you began to fade as well.

Imagination is your birthright and we intend to liberate your imagination from the confines of your rational mind.

Liberation has a process though and the climb is riddled with land mines, uphill and clouded by the slippery slope of our own perspectives.

The first step in liberating your imagination is coming to terms with its imprisonment. Forgiveness, self-love and your ability to look at your world with empathy is how you can begin to breathe life into your imagination.

Hatred, anger and vitriol will fight their way into your mind. Your lizard brain is strong and it will do whatever it has to in order to keep you alive. The responsibility is on you to tame it.

Because we believe your imagination is an unalienable right you were born into this world with, we are here to fight the taming of your lizard brain with you.

We believe the first step is learning what it feels like to imagine with ferocious tenacity once again. Fighting the fear of survival requires total immersion into worlds you can’t hope but be swept up by.

This takes creativity and authenticity at scale, something we’re committed to delivering to you.

It also takes openness and honesty from you.

While we are writing this book as we go – the stories you read on our platform will be specifically designed to ignite your imagination one small spark at a time.

Some will be fantastical tales of dragons and magic, while others merely short parables designed to speak to your subconscious growth mindset searching for a crack in your ego’s armor.

We believe it will take just one crack to begin the cascading force of your imagination breaking through, but we don’t yet know which stories will be most effective in chiseling that first crack.

All we can ask is that you be tactically patient and strategically impatient with your mindset. Let your thoughts be your thoughts but grab tightly around the moments that spark fantasy in your world. Follow them upstream and press on their origins.

Walk with them hand-in-hand even just for moments at a time until you begin to remember what it felt like to look at the world truly as a construct of your imagination. The feelings will be fleeting at first. Your rational brain will fight hard to keep them suppressed.

Feel when your ego fights back with deadly subtly in the form of simple thoughts like…

“No… that’s not possible.”

“I can’t do that.”


“They’re special, different or better than I am…”

Begin to recognize these thoughts as green lights to begin pushing harder on the walls they echo from. Dive deeper when you feel those thoughts and be patient as you unwind their tether from around your subconscious.

It takes time and we must all be patient enough to love the process, yet impatient enough to fight through the dogma in our way.

This is our water and we can learn to see it for what it truly is.

Chapter 3 What if the battle in your mind came to life?

Start this passage by accepting that the war going on inside your head, between your fixed and growth mindset is as real as the air you are breathing.

Now, imagine what would happen if you brought that battle to life through stories and epic tales of the personifications of your opposing mindsets…

Your growth mindset might become the ancient order of warriors, monks or guardians that have been nurturing humanity’s progress and evolution for eons.

They would have spent thousands of years fighting to find new ways to immerse themselves in culture with the scale necessary to ignite rapid and global evolution of the human mind. They would probably have worn hats like that of the Shepard more than that of the hero.

It’s likely they would have spent years fighting to liberate humanity before ultimately choosing to guide the evolution of the human mind through subtle nurturing and back channels.

It’s not hard to believe that they could have strategically planted the influencers, entrepreneurs and change agents you look up to who are there to give you a small taste of what your mind might actually be capable of. After all, the order of growth would have learned long ago that humanity needs time and coaxing to find the right cracks in the wall of the fixed mindset. Direct assault has probably proven ineffective after much trial and error.

Can’t you see it?

No different then the free masons or illuminati, this silent order could have been working to guide the decisions impacting human evolution in an effort to unlock our growth mindset and prepare the entire species for ascension as a galactic civilization.

Perhaps they were left here as part of the origin story of humanity – an opposing force destined to combat the natural evolutionary tendencies of the fixed mindset from the shadows.

A natural question to ask might be… why?

Why would an order of beings have been left to guide this evolution and fight a silent battle for the fate of humanity’s mindset?

Could it be possible that these beings know what lies beyond Earth’s atmosphere waiting for us?

Perhaps they are aware of an impending doom we’re not prepared to face without a fully actualized global growth mindset… and to attempt to face this threat without the full power of the growth mindset would mean the end of humanity as we know it.

Another natural question might be: who is the order of growth fighting? What is it that they’re opposing in the first place?

Imagine what a personification of the fixed mindset might look like for a moment as this opposing force to the order of growth…

An evil, spiteful and enslaving tribe of beings hell-bent on keeping humanity’s mind captive for eternity.

Perhaps they’ve fought the order of growth for thousands of years successfully. Information and education are often the catalyst for the growth mindset to develop.

Isn’t it possible to believe that, without an easy way to share information and education on a global scale – the disciples of the fixed mindset have been able to deal the order of growth crippling blow after crippling blow throughout history?

Much as the empire all but extinguished the Jedi Order – the order of growth may have been all but beaten by the disciples of the fixed mindset until the twentieth century.

Why now?

Information began to spread in ways it never had before.

Maybe the twentieth century marked a turning point for the order of growth, a chance for them to regain some footing in this millennium-old struggle.

If that were the case, wouldn’t it make sense that the proliferation of the internet and the fueling of the dominoes necessary for it’s growth could’ve been the last, covert effort of the order of growth to ignite human evolution and unlock the growth mindset on a global scale?

Maybe that’s where we might find this tale’s inveitable hero.

A young, naive, curious and somewhat lost persona who unknowingly catches wind of the disciples of the fixed mindset’s most devious attempt to date at halting the rapid expansion of the global growth mindset.

Luke Skywalker never planned on leading the rebellion’s battle against the empire… why wouldn’t a similar figure emerge in the battle to stop the disciples of the fixed mindset once and for all?

This hero’s journey would certainly be filled with mind-altering revelations that span the gambit of fantastic creatures and powers, science fiction technology, galactic travel and multi-dimensional awakenings.

Guided by the last remnants of the order of growth – couldn’t you see our hero unlocking his or her own growth mindset in a way humanity never has as a means to combat the disciples of the fixed mindset?

It’s certainly an interesting premise…

We see a saga as grand in scale and humble in origin as these now culturally defining universes:

  • Star Wars
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Bourne Series
  • The Marvel & DC Universes

The stories that guide these worlds are awe-inspiring, demonstrate generational plasticity and have become culturally ingrained in our psyches.

Would it be too arrogant of us to say we aspire to weave just as impactful tales?