Consciousness entrepreneurs must execute better media strategies.

Empower the Iconoclasts

What’ the first rule of engineering the shift? Talk about engineering the shift. As the world becomes more connected it becomes more disconnected. There are iconoclasts in almost every industry – disruptioin of consciousness happens when you empower them to shake the tree.

Leverage the Noise

Social channels are crowded and noisy. The only way to truly launch and grow a consciousness movement within a targeted industry is to be so polarizing that you leverage the overwhelm of drudgery AND force your message to stand out.


Regardless of what your industry is, there is an established media narrative that’s dominating the perspective that ecosystem is viewed through. Today you can disrupt that narrative in ways that you never could before. We launch and grow brands that want to take on this responsibility.

Love the Process

A brand isn’t built in a day and neither is the cataclysmic shift in consciouness that’s occuring. There will be ebbs and flows to every journey. The winners – the brands that capture the attention, imagination and love of their tribes – are the ones who love to compete and share the ups andowns with their community. Raw wins. It’s just a fact.